July Books: Oh So Soothing

Good morning! I have been trying to be more intentional about my reading this summer and that is made easier by most of my TV shows being on summer hiatus and the fact that we changed cable providers which saved us $100 a month and meant we had to start from scratch with our DVR. So instead of watching a long ago recorded episode of Dateline (spoiler: the husband did it) I have been reading. 

I have spent July largely reading Elin Hilderbrand first of all because her books are wonderful but secondly because I can dig into one confident that they will not disturb me in any way which was NOT the case with the books I read in June! In June I read two books one was kicking it REALLY old school with Judith Krantz’s Scruples. It was written in 1976 and definitely felt dated even my copy of the book felt like the 70s it was hardbound in olive green ( I checked it out from the library). The story was a conpellongnone which is why I finished the book but my goodness I felt like an old lady as the graphic adult scenes and language were a bit much for me. I think I had a permanent blush on my face and occasionally hid under my throw blanket. The second book I read in June also had me hiding under the covers but for an entirely different reason. Truly one of the creepiest, scariest books I have read in YEARS!!!

So in July I needed to cleanse my palate and not read anything so cringe-y. I mostly read Elin Hilderbrand. Which has meant that I am already planning a beach vacation to Nantucket for next summer in my head. I won’t give you specific reviews on the books just know that the characters are interesting and that the endings are mostly happy. 

Oh and I also read this

It was slow to start but ended up being compelling and as always Moriarty’s books are very well written. 

90% of what I read had been recommended to me so please feel free to give me some suggestions. Am linking up today with Narci for her carpool reading series. 




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