I love participating in a link up for the first time helps keep me inspired. Today I am linking up with Anne for her monthly Currently link up. So fun!

Snacking On

Okay, a better question would be what have I NOT been snacking on, yipes! But I do have a small snacking victory under my belt: I went to Trader Joe’s and bought NO snack food. So momentous that it bears repeating: I went to Trader Joe’s and bought NO snacks. In fact I stuck to my list.  But I probably undid my self discipline yesterday when my daughter and I baked banana chocolate chip muffins. Do the two bananas I used balance out the entire stick of butter!?! No? Well I am a work in progress. 


My daughter begins 3 year old preschool next month. How is that possible!?! We have been having fun   prepping for the big day by checking out books about preschool from the library and of course I already have a monogrammed Pottery Barn Kids backpack waiting for her first day. 


Lots and lots of books from the library. In addition to the aforementioned preschool books, I have been on a real ‘novels set on Nantucket’ kick. Have been devouring all of the Elin Hilderbrand and Nancy Thayer novels. And of course in my head I have been planning a family vacation to Nantucket. 


I have been spending a lot of time oohing and aahing over styled dough troughs on Pinterest. Because…


I finally ( have wanted one forever) purchased a dough trough. Of course it is sold out so I can’t include a link. Once it arrives I will post pictures. 

Well this was fun! 




10 thoughts on “Currently

  1. Banana chocolate chip muffins do sound good! And way to go for not buying snacks at TJs. I can’t seem to not buy snacks anytime I go to any store, ha! Going to have to look up what a dough trough is–never heard of that!


      1. I have big dreams of displaying it on my dining room table with a harvest display–maybe some candles surrounded with small pumpkins and gourds. My mom has an antique dough trough that she actually uses for the intended purpose of kneading dough.


    1. It is a long flat wooden bowl used to knead bread dough ( before the days of a Kitchen Aid and a dough hook, haha). With farmhouse style being so popular, I am seeing them annoy more. I plan to use mine purely for display purposes.


  2. Thanks for joining in! Though reminders of how good Trader Joe’s is always make me a teeny bit sad – I used to live 5 minutes away from one and now the nearest is almost an hour. We’re anticipating the start of preschool here too – I’ve got a monogrammed lunch box in my online shopping cart 🙂


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