Friday Favorites

Good morning! Am linking up with AndreaNarci and Erika for Friday Favorites. 

A Gadget That Am Sure Everyone Has:

I recently bought this cookie scoop and it has been life changing. This I fully realize is not revolutionary news as I am sure you all have one in your kitchen already. But for some inexplicable reason I always wrongly put it in the category of ‘unnecessary kitchen gadget’ where William Sonoma’s Strawberry huller rightly resides. I recently caved and best $14 I’ve spent in a long while. To be able to distribute cookie dough quickly and uniformly is a game changer especially as I participate in an annual cookie exchange which means producing at least 100 cookies. 

Dough Trough

A couple days I blogged about having recently ordered ( now sold out) a dough trough. I received lots of comments asking about what exactly a dough trough is used for so I thought I’d post a picture of my future decorating my trough goals.

Now my mom has an antique dough trough that she actually uses for the intended purpose of kneading bread dough but that is what my dough hook on my stand mixer is for so I’ll just be using mine for decorative purposes. 

Dry Underwear

I am deep into potty training which has saturated every aspect of my life. So I apologize to my friends who have unwittingly asked a generic, “How are you?” and received in response some very detailed reports about my two year old’s bathroom habits! I need to remember some victories (and struggles) should remain private!!!

And this is all I have this week…looking forward to a fun weekend. 




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