Friday Favorites

Good morning! What a great week we had!  Thought instead of doing an exhaustive recap, I would just share the sweetest moments here for Friday Favorites. Linking up with AndreaErika and Narci.


After months of kitchen remodeling, we now have a fully functioning space–new counters and cabinets, new plumbing and all appliances hooked up. But we still aren’t ‘pretty’ as tiling and painting have yet to occur as well as new light fixtures need to be acquired. But pretty will come, for now I am just reveling in functional! We are already creating fun family memories in our new space as evidenced by our all hands on deck homemade pasta making operation.


Snuck away for a couple days to visit my parents. Julia loves being in the country: climbing ( with help) apple trees, picking fresh produce from the garden and splashing in a very chilly Lake Michigan. 


Easy like Sunday morning? Not usually in my world as usually I end up frantically getting our family ready for church while desperately clinging to the frayed ends of my patience! But occasionally our Sunday morning IS easy and when that occurs it deserves to be documented. My daughter (at her insistence) is wearing a ‘play’ dress rather than a ‘church’ dress but at least it isn’t an outgrown Halloween costume so I take it as a win! 

Looking forward to a quiet weekend. Maybe some trips to the paint store and the tile store….




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