Friday Favorites: Real Life Edition

Good morning! Am linking up with AndreaErika and Narci for Friday Favorites. 

Today I am going to be super brief as I have lots to do to prepare for the fun weekend we have planned. My theme is ‘real life’. Of course I love when my family cooperates with the idyllic vision I had of what a family would look like before I actually had kids and when they do it before a camera ( or iPhone) even better! But honestly sometimes the unscripted, messy or even inappropriate moments are the sweetest as that is when they are truly being themselves and is there anything more beautiful than that!?! On the blog I tend to only show pictures of my my 2 year old daughter as my stepson is 15 so he probably doesn’t want/need to have his ‘real’ moments publicized, but trust me I have a treasure trove of photos of him as well!

The above photo has so much that on paper would irk me: the mismatched outfit ( Julia chose it herself) and the mud EVERYWHERE! But uncharacteristically this picture makes me so happy as it conveys the pure joy of childhood! When I look at it I remember how proud Julia was to choose her own outfit. And the mud hurt absolutely nothing–she was wearing play clothes and was about to have a bath anyway so the mess was totally worth the fun she had baking mud cupcakes!

Julia has so many ‘fancy’ toys and of course she enjoys playing with them. But one of her absolute favorite toys is far from fancy: my dad made some plain, basic blocks out of some scrap wood he had and she LOVES building with them! Makes me happy to watch her use her imagination to make those simple blocks into castles and skyscrapers.

Okay, I told you this was going to be short and sweet! Next week I will share some of our back to school clothes haul. 

Have a great weekend!




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